Monday, April 25, 2005 - So I manage to get out of work a whopping hour and a half early so I can head down south for a couple days for my sister's birthday. I'm about to make my way onto the parking lot known as I4 when a see a HUGE column of smoke rising into the air nearby. If I wasn't in downtown Orlando, I would have thought nothing of it - probably just a land-clearing fire. But downtown, smoke like that means something is burning that shouldn't be. And sure enough, about a mile down I4, not 40 yards off the highway is a fully-involved house fire. So the newshound that I am, I make my way towards the house - in the "bad part of town." A TV guy and I both saw this scene at the same time - and we both stopped in our tracks. I think the "silhouetted firefighter" shot is somewhat cliche - but I think it's become cliche because it makes for a good photo.