Tuesday, May 10, 2005 - There's certainly nothing exceptional about this photo. Run-of-the-mill dejection as Mount Dora Bible's pitcher gives up his tenth run of the game - his time lost 10-0 in a five inning mercy-rule no-hitter. Since I'm an hour from Orlando and it's close to deadline, I head to our Tavares office, about five miles up the road. So I edit my photos and prepare to file when I make a horrifying discovery - I can't get on to the network. I make a frantic call to tech support - no help. I try to get on from other computers. Nothing. By this time, the desk editor in sports is calling wondering where the photos are (and he was very nice about it, considering he had already missed his deadline through no fault of his own.) So I plug my laptop into a phone line so I can try e-mailing the photos. I get online (finally) and attach a file, and click send. And then I lose my connection. (This, by the way, is somewhat in the boonies -  no Starbucks or Borders with their HotSpots, and really no businesses open this late,  so I had no other options) Five minutes later, I'm finally able to access the network and I get the photo sent in, over an hour after I left the game. Lesson learned - make backup plans, even if it seems like there's no reason for it. (how often does someone have trouble transmitting FROM THE OFFICE? that's not even really transmitting)