This is another Life in Focus photo (I have a feeling that a lot of these updates will be Life in Focus photos). Lee Prescott of the Holiday Inn-Why Not teams makes his way through the obstacle course at Charity Challenge XX at Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs. Over a hundred teams from the service industries and appartment communities competed to raise money for various charities. We shoot this event just about every year, though this was the first time for me. I was tempted to look through our archive to see how other photographers have shot this in the past - in part for ideas on how to shoot it, but even more, to keep from coming back with the same shots. But then I would have spent too much time worrying about how someone else shot it instead of just shooting it the way I saw it. I looked through the archive when I got back. Some of my stuff looked just like everything else (seems like we all like the tug-of-war). Some of them (like this one, shot with the camera about three inches above the sand) were unique.